Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Never Really Cared for the Light

Stole mothers camera
took pics
here's to self-timers, who ever invented them-marry me?
Brown hair-opinions?


Shoes-dr martens pants-bardot shirt-cotton on jacket-somewhere in london hat-sportsgirl

Thats all lovers xox

ps: its a wig :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farewell the weekend

Tell me why i don't like mondays?

Wise words, the weekend has passed and with it goes any sense of freedom usually. NOT THIS MONDAY. Holidays are here and i don't have work :)

here are some pics from the weekend which was full of shennanigans, featuring two of my best friends.

I wear: cut up lace dress, stockings, docs, cut up leather jacket, beanie.
My freinds wear...clothes ....

Til next time lovers.........
peaceout xo

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our days float into Darkness


This vest is a jacket i decided to cut the arms off, i'm thinking of sewing them onto a light blue denim vest , opinions? The dress is awesome, you'll be seein more of it. The piece of lace on my head, hides gross hair..or at least attempts to.

peace xo

Friday, November 6, 2009

Children of the rain

Dear fellow children of the rain,

My camera has officially carked it, and it now lies in its shallow grave of candy wrappers and coke bottles in my bin. So unless i can swindle a camera from someone, there shall be a shortage of outfit posts in the near future. The depression has set in, because i have lots of new toys (aka:clothes) to show :(

The weekend is going to be great, i don't have work and its raining.

Movies, marshmallows, tea and rain are by far one of the best combinations of words my ears could ever hear, or my eyes could ever read.

So get your brolly out, and frollick in the puddles children. The storms are upon us :)

Photo: Glenn Flower

Model: elke bonner (me)

Designer: Jaqueline Buck Couture
Until next time
peaceout xo

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Around about a week ago, i shot a lookbook for Heidi Elizabeth's final collection thingo. Here's the pics :) I was inlove with every single piece of clothing, but couldn' quite figure out how to go unnoticed running down the street in only a jumper and extremely high cut bikini bottoms so now im just hoping she'll be selling them after the parade.

Model: Elke Bonner (me :P)
Hair/Makeup: Rachael Walas (was amazing she changed the hair and makeup and made a bow in 2 minutes :O)
Photographer: Shannon Laliberte (awesome as always)

There we go :)
Hope you all had a smashing weekend!
til next time
peaceout lovers xo

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a days worth of haze

I'm unsure what i'm doing, though i know it's meant to be an assignment and that it's due tomorrow. Instead of doing the assigment however, i am procrastinating with all my might (which is still succeeding at something in my point of view).

Anyway whilst my mind went wandering i realised that without the invention of clothes my bank balance would be a great deal higher. Solution to problem= run away and join nudist colony

Or maybe just walk around like this.....

I did a test shoot with Geoff Francis and Vivianne on Sunday and it was a mighty great deal of fun :) I haven't seen the pics yet (hopefully i will soon) but he sent me these 3 pics as some form of evil teaser :P

When i get the pics from the shoot ill post them up with a lovely recount of the day, because i was rather eventful.

Let me know what you think lovely people
til next time
peaceout xo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The storms are coming

I'm a tragic attempt for a blog writer ( everyone else writes this, and because im new i want to fit in). But realistically, i'm sure you're all doing just fine without my useless ramblings.

Uni will be the death of me but HOORAH as of next Friday i will be finnished for the year!

Lately the weather has been weird

Storms are my friends and because they haven't visited me in so long i'm over the moon at even the slightest mention that one of them might come.

Today feels like pic below.

It was taken by Russell Fleming (copyright also), a very, very talented man who i was lucky enough to have the oportunity to work with. It was a group shoot, we drove for two hours to a perfect location, only to have it storm on us before we could even start shooting. We had no hair or make-up. This pic is the result of being completely drenched and battered by the elements and then having your photo taken. Point of the story?- If you ever find yourself drenched, blown away and freezing just hope that if anyone's taking your photo it's Russell because he managed to still make the shoot work.
check out his website here: www.russellflemingphotography.com

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i want you, i want you, i need you, i need you

man i love 10 things i hate about you, its got to be one of my favourite movies, purely for the scene when Heath Ledger is running up and down the seats, singing..................
But alas, this post is not about 10 things about you and whilst, yes i do need my own heath ledger (if you know any look a likes feel free to send them my way because there seems to be a drought in brissy town), i am actually here rambling about clothing.

SUMMER IS HERE...for real this time....last time i said that, the summer weather was here..but the ranges weren't...BUT NOW THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!

So below is a wee bit of inspiration for what im feeling this summer.....

pretty please?

im sensing a DIY copcat of this with different wording (apologies i forgot where i found the picture)

Days ought to be spend looking like this...

(image from http://www.thefashionspot.com/)

A nose piercing is not really neccesary for summer, but Abbey Lee kind of has a way to make you want one a LOT!

Summer is also associated with festivalss as noted by the million woodstock style photoshoots that grace our magazines each summer....(russh, oyster i'm counting on you here). So here are a few pics from i shoot i did a while back with lovely photographer leanne dixon with a similar feel.

We found the "i'm looking for my soulmate sign" in the garden of one of the places we shot at, on the other side it says "free sex," it was the highlight of my life and so i not so sneakily stole it, it resides in my bedroom currently and forever :)

http://www.leannedixon.com/ please note all pictures are copyright
hope you like them!
Thats all for now guys, but i promise ill have some new outfit posts soon, i just have to remember to get batteries for my camera!!!!
peaceout lovers xo

Friday, September 25, 2009


Melbourne was fabulous fun.

I went down to the crazy land with my parents and sister, so it was like an old school family holiday (which we havent done since i was 12 so it was quite odd). Anyway the trip was mad fun and consisted of: getting lost, getting lost in the hotel, getting lost on the street our hotel was on and generally a lot of being lost. It also consisted of getting stuck in the elevator a million times, strange conversations with other people in the elevators and getting locked out of our room which for the record had no window in it. It did however, have a lovely white see through curtain dividing the bed from the rest of the room...how romantic...if i wasn't sharing a room with my sister.....nah who am i kidding it was still romantic haha, whilst we sat on the bed eating chocolate and watching the disney channel and mash.

The trip consisted of

-seeing the Dali exhibition

-Shopping (duh)

-seeing Chicago


-Visiting the old jail

-being lost


Whilst there were a million shops there, i only ended up buying two things. This amazing necklace, which is black rhinestone and silver. ($55)

and i dress...which i'll post a picture of later because i don't have one atm.

.......and here (as promised) are my super lame tourist shots from the old jail which was probably my favourite part of the trip.

My attempt at being a madman in the padded room :)

Mug shot...note the crazy red eye

Let me out

Please Sir, i swear im sane.
but not really..........
til then
tatah kiddlywinks xo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back!

Hello hello hi hi hey hey!

I'm back from Melbourne (city of rain and cold which i will post about later to save from having to split this post into chapters) and am now home in good ole sunny brissytown!

My parents just arrived back from the UK....and with them came mountains of radness as pictured below.


This epic bundle of joy is a traditional one, carried by hand all the way from oxford st, back to brisbane so as not to crush it :P thanks mum, thanks dad haha i love it so!


London, london, london, how i wish i could have been there with them! This is officially my favourite piece of clothing in my presence. The picture does not do it justice at all. But you're sure to be seing many pics of it in the future, because i refuse to take the damn thing off!

LEATHER CAP..it was my grandad's and he sent it back with my parents for me (i love it dearly)


Oh the PAIN the PAIN the PAIN, i trapsed all over Melbourne in the bitter sweet darlings and my feet are currently cut, blistered and bruised along with my bruised calves. But i love them so it's okay.

There was stacks of other things too, ( a new bikini, a skirt, underwear haha, shoes etc.) but you'll have to wait to see them because i've just put everything away and i'm far too lazy to get anything out again. I'm also a wee bit scared that if i attempt to pull one item of clothing out the entire wardrobe will explode and i'll be back to where i was in the beginning.

Anyway stay posted for my epic melbourne adventure post which is sure to inlcude tacky tourists shots YIPPEE!

til then

peaceout lovers xox

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been rather absent of late, i apologise, although doubt that it has really bothered you. I don't think my blog has reached biblical proportions exactly which is lucky for you really because for one not only do i not ask for a percentage of your pay as the church does or used to (though it can be arranged if you feel it's needed) and secondly unlike in the bible the main character here actually exists.
Anyway it seems the world decided to play a nasty little game called "remind elke just how human she is" and it struck me down with illness. Hence the lack of outfit posts, or posts of anykind.
until next time
oh and let me know if you want the rest of the words on the image above

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Bright Eyed Monster

Oh sweet world, how kind you are on the rare occasion!

Yes i FINALLY have a day off. A day of nothingness. No work. NO uni. Nothing.

It's going to be great.

Anyway as i will most likely be spending today in my oh so fine striped pj's, here is what i wore yesterday.

I'm holding on to the last gasps of winter with clenched fists before im smothered by sunshine.

Also big thanks for letting me know where i could fine the "to hell and bach" shirt i posted about earlier, just my luck that they're out of stock now! Like i said, the world is kind on the RARE occasion. Apparently i am not allowed to have my cake and eat it too.

Okay you know the drill, thats all for now folks

Peaceout xox

ps: thinking of wasting the day with movies...any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They hide in the world

As promised, here is what i wore yesterday. I went down to the old tennis court at the bottom of my garden and stomped around in my new heels getting mud all over....it was great....and the neighbours think im nuts. All in all, a successful venture on my part :)

I love dead gardens :)

Blazer- Random shop in elizabeth arcade
dress-myer kids section
shoes- sachi at myer
hat- sportsgirl

peaceout xo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My baby says he got the blues, but i'm still stuck in black

Sunday was fathers day, my parents are currently overseas so instead of spending time bonding, i went to the beach with a friend. Much as im sure you'd all love to see pictures of the beach and sun and half naked people on the beach and in that sun, i fear you may have seen something similar once or twice before in your lives. Instead, friends i show you the poster that was behind us as we ate lunch.


In around 2.5 weeks or so im going to Melbourne (1st time ever) for a little holiday (4 days) so i have made a deal with the devil herself aka: my nasty inner shopping addict not to spend any money on clothing until then......

But i couldnt resist these lovely feet killers :)

Sachi, on sale at myer $54 (how could you say no?)

also today i finally went and picked up my new book and compcards YIPPEE!!!!
Until then....peaceout lovers xo

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can you dig it?

Quick post

So this is what i spent last saturday night doing! Making the skirt below that is, yes i am the coolest kid you never met! Eat your heart out Sister Maria, i can make clothes out of curtains too! ( What possessed my mother to use that fabric as a curtain, i will never know)

anyway let me know what you think

ps: this was right before my shoot today hence the zero make up and gross hair

peaceout xo

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You'll Forget About Heaven in Hell

This is what im wearing today :) ( i found the shirt with the lace on it for $15 at cotton on! Suprised? HELL YES, i might actually venture in there more these days.


This afternoon im off to shoot with super awesome student photographer Shannon Laliberte. I've worked with her before (pics below) and had an awesome time so im very much looking forward to shooting again :)

And, just randomly, how awesome is this shirt?? I have no idea where its from or anything, but if anyone knows PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Thats all for now Folks
New pics soon :)

peaceout xo