Friday, September 25, 2009


Melbourne was fabulous fun.

I went down to the crazy land with my parents and sister, so it was like an old school family holiday (which we havent done since i was 12 so it was quite odd). Anyway the trip was mad fun and consisted of: getting lost, getting lost in the hotel, getting lost on the street our hotel was on and generally a lot of being lost. It also consisted of getting stuck in the elevator a million times, strange conversations with other people in the elevators and getting locked out of our room which for the record had no window in it. It did however, have a lovely white see through curtain dividing the bed from the rest of the romantic...if i wasn't sharing a room with my sister.....nah who am i kidding it was still romantic haha, whilst we sat on the bed eating chocolate and watching the disney channel and mash.

The trip consisted of

-seeing the Dali exhibition

-Shopping (duh)

-seeing Chicago


-Visiting the old jail

-being lost


Whilst there were a million shops there, i only ended up buying two things. This amazing necklace, which is black rhinestone and silver. ($55)

and i dress...which i'll post a picture of later because i don't have one atm.

.......and here (as promised) are my super lame tourist shots from the old jail which was probably my favourite part of the trip.

My attempt at being a madman in the padded room :)

Mug shot...note the crazy red eye

Let me out

Please Sir, i swear im sane.
but not really..........
til then
tatah kiddlywinks xo

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  1. Hahaha! Looked like you had a great time! :P

    PS: Exchange links? :)