Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i want you, i want you, i need you, i need you

man i love 10 things i hate about you, its got to be one of my favourite movies, purely for the scene when Heath Ledger is running up and down the seats, singing..................
But alas, this post is not about 10 things about you and whilst, yes i do need my own heath ledger (if you know any look a likes feel free to send them my way because there seems to be a drought in brissy town), i am actually here rambling about clothing.

SUMMER IS HERE...for real this time....last time i said that, the summer weather was here..but the ranges weren't...BUT NOW THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!

So below is a wee bit of inspiration for what im feeling this summer.....

pretty please?

im sensing a DIY copcat of this with different wording (apologies i forgot where i found the picture)

Days ought to be spend looking like this...

(image from http://www.thefashionspot.com/)

A nose piercing is not really neccesary for summer, but Abbey Lee kind of has a way to make you want one a LOT!

Summer is also associated with festivalss as noted by the million woodstock style photoshoots that grace our magazines each summer....(russh, oyster i'm counting on you here). So here are a few pics from i shoot i did a while back with lovely photographer leanne dixon with a similar feel.

We found the "i'm looking for my soulmate sign" in the garden of one of the places we shot at, on the other side it says "free sex," it was the highlight of my life and so i not so sneakily stole it, it resides in my bedroom currently and forever :)

http://www.leannedixon.com/ please note all pictures are copyright
hope you like them!
Thats all for now guys, but i promise ill have some new outfit posts soon, i just have to remember to get batteries for my camera!!!!
peaceout lovers xo

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