Friday, January 29, 2010

Eating the Heating

It's boiling in brissy lately, every time you breath you feel like your eating heat. Which means there are only two possibly explanations for my lack of i got food poisoning from eating heat ...........or........... two i have been running around naked and realise that i might get in trouble for posting naked outfit pictures....
lace bike pants- don't ask amanda
singlet thing-supre (embarrasing i know but it was $10 so whatever)
hand necklace-random store
wooden cross-gift

i am actually in love with my hand necklace, the symbol stems from Jewish.Egyptian beliefs and it is known as a Hamsa and is known to bring goodluck and protect from the evil eye :)

The crucifix has as crazy skeleton on it and my parents got it on one of the islands :)

i'm off to buy cookies and cream icecream and malteasers

peace xo

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swimming in a dust storm

Today i am attempting to clean my room, i don't just mean a general tidy up, i mean the giant kind of clean out/re-arrange type of clean that i really only do about once every...well... never. It has been put off for far too long and now i'm paying for it. I can't see my floor, windows or door at this stage and am convinced i may never lay eyes upon them again. Why is it when you take everythingout to clean, space somehow shrinks and you run out of room to put everything back?

I took some time out of sneezing to go outside and breathe.

Leotard- cottonon (on sale for $10 i might add)
Shoes- docs
vest- once was a jacket :)

Until next time crazy faces

peaceout xo

Monday, January 4, 2010

hid. hidden. hiding.

Hiding. It would seem i've been doing that of late. Not really though, i'm just slack. I got a camera (with self timer) for christmas (love love love sister and brother for that!) so outfit posts can happen once again.

Here are some pics from a test shoot i did about a month ago. Enjoy.

Photo's copright Chih-Han Hsu
Model (self): elke bonner
Pictures for your viewing,.
Peace xo