Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swimming in a dust storm

Today i am attempting to clean my room, i don't just mean a general tidy up, i mean the giant kind of clean out/re-arrange type of clean that i really only do about once every...well... never. It has been put off for far too long and now i'm paying for it. I can't see my floor, windows or door at this stage and am convinced i may never lay eyes upon them again. Why is it when you take everythingout to clean, space somehow shrinks and you run out of room to put everything back?

I took some time out of sneezing to go outside and breathe.

Leotard- cottonon (on sale for $10 i might add)
Shoes- docs
vest- once was a jacket :)

Until next time crazy faces

peaceout xo


  1. Hiya there,
    Just stumbled randomly on your blog, and i luuuurrvvee it :)
    You have such great style, and such a cool blog!
    Panda xx
    *follows you*

  2. hello my dear.....

    ummmm, loving those test shots of you in the EVIL TWIN tee.....they are going on the blog now!

    (let me know if you don't want them up and i'll take them down)


  3. Love the third photo! Great vest :)