Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The storms are coming

I'm a tragic attempt for a blog writer ( everyone else writes this, and because im new i want to fit in). But realistically, i'm sure you're all doing just fine without my useless ramblings.

Uni will be the death of me but HOORAH as of next Friday i will be finnished for the year!

Lately the weather has been weird

Storms are my friends and because they haven't visited me in so long i'm over the moon at even the slightest mention that one of them might come.

Today feels like pic below.

It was taken by Russell Fleming (copyright also), a very, very talented man who i was lucky enough to have the oportunity to work with. It was a group shoot, we drove for two hours to a perfect location, only to have it storm on us before we could even start shooting. We had no hair or make-up. This pic is the result of being completely drenched and battered by the elements and then having your photo taken. Point of the story?- If you ever find yourself drenched, blown away and freezing just hope that if anyone's taking your photo it's Russell because he managed to still make the shoot work.
check out his website here: www.russellflemingphotography.com

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  1. you look so gorgeous! very good photography too :)