Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a days worth of haze

I'm unsure what i'm doing, though i know it's meant to be an assignment and that it's due tomorrow. Instead of doing the assigment however, i am procrastinating with all my might (which is still succeeding at something in my point of view).

Anyway whilst my mind went wandering i realised that without the invention of clothes my bank balance would be a great deal higher. Solution to problem= run away and join nudist colony

Or maybe just walk around like this.....

I did a test shoot with Geoff Francis and Vivianne on Sunday and it was a mighty great deal of fun :) I haven't seen the pics yet (hopefully i will soon) but he sent me these 3 pics as some form of evil teaser :P

When i get the pics from the shoot ill post them up with a lovely recount of the day, because i was rather eventful.

Let me know what you think lovely people
til next time
peaceout xo

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