Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Around about a week ago, i shot a lookbook for Heidi Elizabeth's final collection thingo. Here's the pics :) I was inlove with every single piece of clothing, but couldn' quite figure out how to go unnoticed running down the street in only a jumper and extremely high cut bikini bottoms so now im just hoping she'll be selling them after the parade.

Model: Elke Bonner (me :P)
Hair/Makeup: Rachael Walas (was amazing she changed the hair and makeup and made a bow in 2 minutes :O)
Photographer: Shannon Laliberte (awesome as always)

There we go :)
Hope you all had a smashing weekend!
til next time
peaceout lovers xo


  1. wow these pics are beautiful!!! love them!

  2. eeeek im loving every single piece too! jealous i want them all! pics are fab xxxxxxx

  3. nice style. And original photos. Love your blog. x