Thursday, September 3, 2009

You'll Forget About Heaven in Hell

This is what im wearing today :) ( i found the shirt with the lace on it for $15 at cotton on! Suprised? HELL YES, i might actually venture in there more these days.

This afternoon im off to shoot with super awesome student photographer Shannon Laliberte. I've worked with her before (pics below) and had an awesome time so im very much looking forward to shooting again :)

And, just randomly, how awesome is this shirt?? I have no idea where its from or anything, but if anyone knows PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Thats all for now Folks
New pics soon :)

peaceout xo


  1. wow, 15$ from cotton on? bargain!
    & those pics are gorgeous! :)

  2. that hell and bach shirt is from all saints, my friend has it! xx