Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back!

Hello hello hi hi hey hey!

I'm back from Melbourne (city of rain and cold which i will post about later to save from having to split this post into chapters) and am now home in good ole sunny brissytown!

My parents just arrived back from the UK....and with them came mountains of radness as pictured below.


This epic bundle of joy is a traditional one, carried by hand all the way from oxford st, back to brisbane so as not to crush it :P thanks mum, thanks dad haha i love it so!


London, london, london, how i wish i could have been there with them! This is officially my favourite piece of clothing in my presence. The picture does not do it justice at all. But you're sure to be seing many pics of it in the future, because i refuse to take the damn thing off!

LEATHER was my grandad's and he sent it back with my parents for me (i love it dearly)


Oh the PAIN the PAIN the PAIN, i trapsed all over Melbourne in the bitter sweet darlings and my feet are currently cut, blistered and bruised along with my bruised calves. But i love them so it's okay.

There was stacks of other things too, ( a new bikini, a skirt, underwear haha, shoes etc.) but you'll have to wait to see them because i've just put everything away and i'm far too lazy to get anything out again. I'm also a wee bit scared that if i attempt to pull one item of clothing out the entire wardrobe will explode and i'll be back to where i was in the beginning.

Anyway stay posted for my epic melbourne adventure post which is sure to inlcude tacky tourists shots YIPPEE!

til then

peaceout lovers xox

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