Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Float on my Summer Song

Today, my dearest 9 favourite people in the world (aka: my followers) it is Spring!! I had uni, which was boring as pie. For those of you who don't know (which i'm assuming is 8 of the 9 followers) i study creative writing. Yes i'm going to be a poor struggling poet lovers, a well dressed one too!

Anyway, after uni i decided to browse around good ole brissy town and stumbled across the dress i have on in the pics below. Its a mink pink number (honestly that brand seems to get better and better as they go on). They always have fun pieces for a good price (this dress was 89.95).


I also stumbled up the stairs on Adelaide st to that fun old music store, and got myself a lovely Doors poster which i decided was probably due seeing how they are my favourite band an all.

Currently listening to: Raising Sand by Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss, my Dad came home with it a while ago and its very worthy of a listen, if not the album then at least look up "gone gone gone (done moved on)" because its awesome as!

That's all for now lovely people
until next time........
peaceout xo


  1. did you find the mink pink dress at igedo by any chance? because i work there and i know we stock it. : )

  2. oh my god i love that record store on adelaide street. i bought like 100 old records there for 5 bucks so good! except its always rather hot in there haha