Thursday, August 27, 2009

Merrymans Land

Well, well, well lovers whats new?
This week has really whizzed by and i haven't had a spare moment to think!
its still sunny, i now have a fringe, and i wasted some money yesterday :)
Today is my only day off this week so im taking advantage of it by doing basically nothing, i forgot how great it is to be bored :)
Yesterday before i went to work i had a quick rush around the stores to see if anything took my fancy and suprise, suprise it did :) I've been on the hunt for a nice pair of black denim shorts for a good while now, and Universal delivered them in form of the Oneteaspoon shorts im wearing below. I also found a sweet as vest in dotti so it was a pretty succesful 10 minutes in my opinion!

Thats the lookbook link for it, so feel free to hype away dearies!

The new russh hit newsagents yesterday and based on a quick glance i'm voting its actually worthwhile this time round. Russh has been getting increasingly depressing over the past few issues and just wasn't as exciting and inspirational as it once was. But this one looks promising so here's hoping its all good from here!
That's all for now rockers and groupies, until next time
peace xo


  1. I love the vest! That's good to hear about the new Russh...I wasn't so sure of it either.

  2. fringe! looks excellent :)

    i got the new Russh, looks pretty good. Haven't been collecting them for too long, but I have always been impressed. Maybe they were once better?

  3. yeah russh this time last year was brilliant!! if i ever shoot withy you again ill bring some older ones to flick through :)


  4. Hi, I've just noticed that some days ago I've featured one of your pics (taken from lookbook). Now that you have a blog, for the next feature (will be soon...) I will link to this blog :)

  5. I agree, past few months of russh have not been so amazing! cannot wait until it arrives here in New Zealand- it actually takes forever! Stores only got the last one in like a few weeks ago! I should SO just get a subscription!

    Lovely blog sweetie xx