Tuesday, August 18, 2009

around and about

I've decided that this blog will mainly be looks (lookbook style), pics from shoots i do and news on that front and other shoots/clothing im in love with.

That being said! Get following me!

Last monday i met up with Chih-Han Hsu and did a little test shoot type thing with him, we wandered around the valley and he found some funtastical places to explore (even if they did smell like piss).
Anywho here's some pics from it, and you should definately check out his blog and start following because he does some radtastical photos that are definately worth opening your eyes for!

okay, thats all for today! Let me know what you think :)
peace x
ps: just a little note all photos are copyright to Chih-Han Hsu


  1. really love these photos.
    awesome you've started a blog.