Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summers Coming to a Winter near you!

For those of you who don't reside in Brisvegas, you should know that we are actually in the middle of winter at the moment, a 30 degree celcius winter that is!!

Which means..............SUMMERTIME is COMING LOVELY PEOPLE!!
time to dust of the ole summertime blues from the closet and get happy again :)

Summer ranges are only just starting to hit the stores atm and there doesn't seem to be anything much exciting around so below i've put together a little outfit in commemoration of last summer :)

As i said, not much is around but here's some stuff i've bought recently (i know it doesnt really go together but i couldn't be bothered taking seperate pics).

Bow and lace hair clip/pin
Another black jacket, this one has a diagonal zip whilst my others all zip vertically
A little dress

Also the other day, me and my friend were browsing in rocking horse and just as i was buying my cd's my friend spotted a copy of Fiend magazine issue 18!!! I actually don't read the magazine but as i happen to be on the front cover i wanted a copy to hold on to.

The Photographer was Kate O'Brien (of Kate O'Brien Creative Photography)

She is an absolute lovely lady and soo talented, not only did she shoot the pics, she made the background, did all of the styling and even made the neck corset and hat!!!!


MUA: Elizabeth Colbert

Hair: Adrianne Guteridge
These are the two cd's i bough at the same time as Fiend, both Aussie artists: The Galvatrons and Tame Impala, i suggest you all invest in their music!

Once again peace out loverss xo

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