Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been rather absent of late, i apologise, although doubt that it has really bothered you. I don't think my blog has reached biblical proportions exactly which is lucky for you really because for one not only do i not ask for a percentage of your pay as the church does or used to (though it can be arranged if you feel it's needed) and secondly unlike in the bible the main character here actually exists.
Anyway it seems the world decided to play a nasty little game called "remind elke just how human she is" and it struck me down with illness. Hence the lack of outfit posts, or posts of anykind.
until next time
oh and let me know if you want the rest of the words on the image above


  1. There is a God, Elke. He is real and there is proof the Bible is fact. I would research before I made such claims. There is no creation without a creator - it has been scientifically and mathematically proven. Therefore, there is a God who created us. I hope you come to realise that.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm somewhat glad that you actually trawled through my blog back to september and found the need to comment on this. It's a shame you are actually not me and then you could be sure i'd done my research. too bad though, if you wish to show me god scientifically feel free to, and if you scientifically wish to prove the bible to me-feel free to. Can you tell me how jesus made the blind see, how he walked on water? (i'd especially be interested in the scientifics of the last one, it would be a pretty cool party trick), how exactly did god inpregnate Mary without sperm or any of the basics us mere mortals need?- can you tell me that scientifically as i'm sure there are many couples who can't have children that would be keen to know.

    To be frank if there was such research of a scientific nature proving that the bible is of complete truth, i'm positive that i would have heard of it before now. Before an anonymous post on my blog.

    believe what you will, it doesn't bother me.

    elke xo