Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My baby says he got the blues, but i'm still stuck in black

Sunday was fathers day, my parents are currently overseas so instead of spending time bonding, i went to the beach with a friend. Much as im sure you'd all love to see pictures of the beach and sun and half naked people on the beach and in that sun, i fear you may have seen something similar once or twice before in your lives. Instead, friends i show you the poster that was behind us as we ate lunch.


In around 2.5 weeks or so im going to Melbourne (1st time ever) for a little holiday (4 days) so i have made a deal with the devil herself aka: my nasty inner shopping addict not to spend any money on clothing until then......

But i couldnt resist these lovely feet killers :)

Sachi, on sale at myer $54 (how could you say no?)

also today i finally went and picked up my new book and compcards YIPPEE!!!!
Until then....peaceout lovers xo

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