Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pennyroyal Tea

I went rummaging through my computer and found this.
It's a shoot i did quite some time ago with Justin of Jamphotographics....his work is incredibly awesome so i suggest you all do yourselves a favour and check it out. The shoot was styled by Courtney of Miss Unkon :) and hair and makeup by the amazing Sue McLaurin.
Model: elke bonner
Photographer: Justin Ma
Stylist: Courtney Meyer
Hair/Makeup: Sue Mclaurin
I always loved the feel of this shoot.
peaceeout dearies


  1. Loves it!

    I'm clearing out my wardrobe on Ebay, you should check it out:


  2. thanks dude for the comment, gone throuh your entire blog and your seriouslly an amazing model.
    love the name of this post since it happense to be the name of one of my fave Nirvana songs