Monday, June 14, 2010

Waiting for the Hart

Around a month an a half ago, i was sitting on my bed/desk/cupboard in the half of the bedroom that was mine in a model apartment in Shanghai checking my email, when the most perfect t-shirt in the world flashed before my eyes (my computer has a glitch so it was literally flashing).

Here it is...Neon Hart, by Jess Hart, Waiting for the Sun, Doors t-shirt

Is there a more perfect t-shirt? no there is not.

One month and a half later, i'm back home in brissy town...cruising around the city killing time when i wander into general pants not really expecting to find anything but SHAZAM, there it is, in all its glory. Size too big? yes. perfect. I take my shirt to the counter where the wonderful sales assisant is finnishing a conversation with his fellow employee "yeah but there's like nothing youse can do about it can ya? ( after 3 months in shanghai you'd think that the sound of aussie slang with a subtle hint of bogan would be endearing...sadly not).

Now let me just say after waiting a month and a half to get my grubby mitts on this baby i was pretty sure nothing would ruin the moment i purchased it. Until the sales assistant asks if the shirt is a gift for my boyfriend.

1. no it isn't thanks to the extreme lack of Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger and Emile Hirsch's in brissy.

2. it was in the girls section

3.don't give me weird looks mr sales assistant, you just said "youse" which sums up everything.

frustration of waiting 1.5 months, and sales assistant aside. I am truly, madly, deeply, savage garden-ly in love with the shirt.

is it not amazing ?

peace lovers


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  1. hey! Awesome blog. You take some amazing pics.

    I LOVE Neon Hart by Jess Hart... I would literally wear any piece in her collection. It's all such cool stuff. Including the shirt you have mentioned above!

    Check out my blog :)